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Naked Injustice

The thing that most astounds me about the strip-search case currently before the supreme court

An assistant principal, enforcing the school’s antidrug policies, suspected her of having brought prescription-strength ibuprofen pills to school. One of the pills is as strong as two Advils.

The search by two female school employees was methodical and humiliating, Ms. Redding said. After she had stripped to her underwear, they asked me to pull out my bra and move it from side to side, she said. They made me open my legs and pull out my underwear.

is not that someone thought it was OK to strip search a thirteen-year old girl in school. It’s that someone thinks it’s a defensible case.

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one response to Naked Injustice

Captain Groggy Swagger March 25, 2009

What do you mean? People getting high off crushed up Advil snorted through cafeteria straws is a REAL PROBLEM! You don’t want kids feeling all painless going into a midterm or something, it gives them an edge that other kids don’t have. I remember this kid that would go to class all hopped up on daily vitamins. He just looked abnormally healthy. We ended up taking him out behind the art building and kicking the crap out of him.

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