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10 things


According to Ruth Margolis, American people are some of the loveliest you’ll ever meet and make us expats feel all warm, cuddly and very welcome. But just occasionally they do or say something that we Brits find a tad… eccentric. … Continue reading

Who else wants some?


Oglaf. The funniest comic on the interwebs (sometimes). It’s very naughty.

Why I Don’t Write Much


Ladies and Gentlemen. The magnificent Verity Stob… The reality is even better: an extended example of that kind of feminism that implies the intrinsic superiority of women in nearly all things while simultaneously demanding privileges to compensate for claimed weaknesses, … Continue reading

So Far


Paul Krugman on Obama So Far. It is too early. If we held this conversation at the end of the year and health care reform has passed and the economy is recovering, then Obama is the new FDR. If health … Continue reading

Smart Comics


There is not much I miss about England any more, mostly because my memories are fading and I’ve forgotten what I am supposed to be missing but it’s partly because a lot of the things I used to miss are … Continue reading

How to get something named after you


HINT: You have to do it yourself OK, so you want an eponymous idea. Presumably you are currently below the Arbesman Limit, so that won’t be a factor. First, take your surname and append one of the following suggested terms … Continue reading