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Don’t you get me wrong


I’m contemplating promoting Jesus Christ Superstar to Best Movie of All Time. I’m not sure Rick would approve though.

The War on Avatar


Daniel Larison is rapidly becoming my favourite conservative and today he takes on a former favourite, Davids Brooks. Brooks’ column today is about The White Messiah This is the oft-repeated story about a manly young adventurer who goes into the … Continue reading

Sorry. Your Tree is on our Mineral Mine.


Way to miss the point! (Don’t play with that or you’ll go blind) But Avatar claims that there is something wrong with technology, and that the Na’vi of Pandora somehow represent opposition to it. The right-of-center blogosphere that I loiter … Continue reading

The Battle of Algiers


Was going to write a review of The Battle of Algiers but it is so much easier to copy/paste from Roger Ebert. At the height of the street fighting in Algiers, the French stage a press conference for a captured … Continue reading

The First One is still the best


I can’t get the hang of the blogging business. Is it better to leave comments on their blog or write a counter-blog of your own? Maybe you should blog then comment on theirs with a link back to yours? But … Continue reading