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History of English


I love learning about the history of English. I love the Open University and I especially love the fact that they put all of their courses online. It’s almost enough to make me want to finish my OU degree. In … Continue reading

Who cares about this stuff?


The Times has a great series of essays by Errol Morris on Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. According to the author, Structure is a post-modern work which makes the relativist claim that people in one paradigm (or culture … Continue reading

In the confident hope of a miracle


The defeat of the Spanish Armada, in 1588, marked the end of Spain as a global power. Before sailing, one Spanish commander “reasoned” as follows: “It is well known that we fight in God’s cause. So when we meet the … Continue reading

Innoculation against extremism


Scott Adams proposes a plan to rid the world of religious extremism I have often thought that America’s strict rule about not teaching religion in schools is responsible for the fact that the more fervant forms of christianity are more … Continue reading