Sorry. Your Tree is on our Mineral Mine.

Way to miss the point! (Don’t play with that or you’ll go blind)

But Avatar claims that there is something wrong with technology, and that the Na’vi of Pandora somehow represent opposition to it.

The right-of-center blogosphere that I loiter around has chosen to focus on the anti-corporate message in Avatar and, indeed, your attitude to corporatism is probably a good predictor of whether you enjoyed the movie (exception: Julio).

But it wasn’t the human’s technology that the Na’vi objected to.

Spoiler (highlight to read it):
It was the gunships the humans used to destroy their home.


The much-discussed irony of James Cameron’s “Avatar” (which has already grossed upwards of a billion dollars worldwide) is that it’s a celebration of primitivism, pantheism, and pre-modernity created with the most cutting-edge technological tools a modern capitalist society can muster.

If there is irony in the air, it is that the freedom-loving conservatives are terrified of the government telling them how to live their lives but are perfectly happy to let corporations do the same.

FWIW I thought the movie was alright.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry. Your Tree is on our Mineral Mine.”

  1. There is something funny about the direct proportional gross of a movie and how likely the reviews will go from, “This went good with popcorn,” to, “I think the political overtones of the antagonist were trying to undermine my religion.”

    I think those kind of reviews are mostly fishing for attention because there is a lot of attention to be had.

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