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According to Ruth Margolis,

American people are some of the loveliest you’ll ever meet and make us expats feel all warm, cuddly and very welcome. But just occasionally they do or say something that we Brits find a tad… eccentric.

I agree with that and with most of her list of 10 things that americans do that drive brits mad but the only one from her list that infuriates me entirely is this:

9. Pretentious pronunciation.
Americans, please note: saying “erb” instead of “herb” and pronouncing “fillet” without the “t” is not clever or sophisticated. You are not French. Make an actual socialist your president and then we’ll talk.

Number 10 just makes me snigger.

10. Saying “panties,” “fanny” and “bangs” 
We’re all aware from watching Americans onscreen that these are the words for knickers, a bottom and a fringe. But when you live here, occasionally you’re forced to deploy these abominations in real life sentences. Only the other day, I said, “Can you trim my bangs, please?” I felt dirty afterwards. But “panties” is much worse, somehow infantilizing and over-sexualizing ladies’ unmentionables. No word should do both these things.

I avoid those words too. Doesn’t everyone?

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8 thoughts on “10 things”

  1. I don’t know what language I speak anymore…it’s kinda nice to be a “foreigner” cause I get excused and can use any pronouciation I like and spell it the way I want too…so yay for me!!

  2. I have to agree majorly on the use of “panties” which I think is a truly awful word. Why not “knickers” or even “drawers”!

  3. Drawers?? No not drawers…that
    sounds like what the Queen Mother would have worn…

  4. Ronda calls my underwear “panties” because she thinks she’s being funny. Jist had to share that.

  5. I have some other expat friends who also complain about going to a nursery and having to ask for “sod.”

  6. I am quite fascinating with the differences between cultures, including foods, languages, customs, behaviors, etc… I’m simply cheery about the whole thing. I don’t quite understand why it would be irritating.

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