To save a president’s legacy

There’s an excellent 8 page article in today’s NY Times magazine that chronicles McCain’s stance on the Iraq War. It’s mostly positive – if you agree with McCain’s stance – and, since the liberal media is not doing it’s job and focussing on the negative, I’ll have to do it…

In his book, Chuck Hagel writes of listening to declassified tapes from the mid-1960s in which Lyndon Johnson admitted to advisers that Vietnam probably couldn’t be won but rued that withdrawal would make him the first American president to lose a war. “I wish someone had told me when I was sitting on a burning tank in a Vietnamese rice paddy that I was fighting for a lost cause just to save a president’s legacy,” Hagel observes acidly. Although McCain was held and tortured for the same cause, he never saw the situation the way Hagel did.

For the positive bits, you’ll have to go read the article.

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