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Evil Typo

Story so far…

In a thrilling climax to the English football season, Manchester United and Chelsea were level on points with two games to go. They also happen to be the last remaining teams in the Champions League.

ManU won their game on Saturday and were thus 3 points clear. Chelsea had a tough game vs Newcastle tonight that they had to win to draw level.

Imagine my delight when I saw the headline.

Imagine my confusion when I saw the picture. Imagine my disappointment when I read the read the caption.

[Hint for the non-savvy. Chelsea are the team in blue. Ballack scored and he plays for Chelsea.]

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2 responses to Evil Typo

Jeffrey Fredrick May 6, 2008

I saw that too and was similarly caught out.

Btw, have the ManU scouts called you about the final game after your recent feats?

Kevin May 6, 2008

wasn’t feats. It was foot. My right one.

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