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Last week, in my professional capacity, as the keeper of this web site, I came across a cool little browser extension called StumbleUpon.

After you register, you check a bunch of boxes saying that you enjoy knitting, the Mayan Civilization and Albanian cooking. Then they put a little toolbar in your browser.


Everytime you fancy a bit of a surf of the web and you have already read The Times and all your RSS feeds and don’t know where to surf next, you click the little StumbleUpon button and takes you to something that it thinks will interest you like:

If there’s a site you like, you can click StumbleUpon and it’ll send you more sites like that one. If you really like it, you can send it to a friend. If you join, you can be my friend.

Sometimes they send you to videos too like:

But those are only mildly excellent. Before you decide it’s just a big time waster, be sure to try one of these – but only one. Choose carefully.

Whatever you do though, don’t click on these: