It’s a limerick.

I’ll provide a Full Pint of Beer to the first person who can restate the limerick in English in the comments without cheating and googling for it.

(note to English people. The zed is pronounced in the American manner)

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7 thoughts on “Limericks”

  1. It was the Captain’s limerick. Here was mine:

    There once was a challenge in the blogosphere
    To write a math lim’rick for a pint of beer.
    If you had the time
    to write such a rhyme,
    refill that glass with a pint of tear.

    Happy crying!


  2. Concerning the above poster, “Dan”
    Enamored with a devious plan.
    He would write a limerick
    with a terrible gimm’rick
    And earn himself a blog posting ban.

  3. Ban not and please no heave-ho.
    I’m not beyond eating crow.
    Or, like that seer
    who so loved his beer,
    I’ll have to reply with a “D’oh!”

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