Vitamin T

Georgina is telling me that I can’t have tea to ease my post-op suffering because hot tea will cause my bleeding to bleed.

But this website (the online arm of The Lancet and endorsed by the AMA and the BMA) suggests that:

“A nice cup of tea and a sit down proven to cure all human ills”

So which is it? If only I knew a haematologist…

…I will just have to do the experiment for myself.

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3 thoughts on “Vitamin T”

  1. Experiment complete:

    I haven’t tried it for ”all human ills yet” but initial results show that a cup of tea after wisdom teeth removal is a fine thing.

  2. You might want to find a different test subject for the all human ills thing, magnanimous though you are…

    BTW: “dental-post-op” rather than “post-op” in the 1st post would have been better to read for those who care about you and who find among their few recent datapoints about you a kidney scan. At least you clarified in a subsequent post.

    I realize that “reader comfort” is one of many considerations…

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