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My Third Video

I used Microsoft Movie Maker for my second video. I fully expected it to suck. What I hadn’t anticipated was how badly it would suck.

It’s hard to imagine a video editor program that would suck more than Microsoft Movie Maker and, unless there is a free(ish) video editor that is much better (and doesn’t require me to buy a mac), the wait for my third video will be rather long.

So don’t expect to see Dylan’s guitar recital on YouTube any time soon.


3 responses to My Third Video

Jeffrey Fredrick April 16, 2007

Why not just face that a mac is a better choice for what you want out of a computer and be done with it?

Another friend of ours resisted for quite a while… but I hear he’s much happier now.

Don’t you want to be happy too?

Matt April 19, 2007

I have Adobe Premiere Elements which is neither free nor expensive, and does a great job, and will save your lovely wife the trouble of going to the mac store to buy it for you. Perhaps you’re comfortable enough with your masculinity that you could order one online – who’d know, really.

When I want some new lacey things for myself from Victoria’s secret I don’t have the guts to walk in the pretend and pretend it’s for my wife…

Matt April 19, 2007

(in and pretend)

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