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Drawing: Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie


6 responses to Drawing: Woody Guthrie

Matt March 30, 2009

You know he was hired by the State of Oregon, or maybe the feds, to write a song about Bonneville Dam on the Columbia?

Matt March 31, 2009

That’s not what I am saying. Just diggin’ the local connection.

Also, while it’s Obvious By Inspection, it shouldn’t go without saying, “nice drawings!”.

Jeffrey Fredrick March 31, 2009

Agree on the OBI!

And I’ve been chuckling about calling Guthrie a sell-out all morning, even though I knew that wasn’t what you meant. In fact I’m smiling about it now… 🙂

Kevin March 31, 2009

As far as I am concerned, he sold out with “This Land”. He does have the third best version of “House of the Rising Sun” though. No doubt he copied the Animals’ version.

Jeffrey Fredrick March 31, 2009

You seem to be seriously implying that you don’t know all the lyrics to “This Land”. Is that really the case?

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