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A Pound’s a Pound the world around

In my travelling days, I used to keep one note and one coin from every country I visited. I just came across some notes in a photo album and, on a whim, had a look on eBay to see if they are worth anything.

Gibraltar Pound

I have a Gibraltar Pound from 1979. This is a £50 so I imagine mine is worth a bit less.

This one has a $255 bid.

Falkland Pound 1984

I have this one with the exact same date!

I arrived in the Falklands at the end of October 1984, so it was freshly printed and in perfect condition!

eBay says $69.

But…wait..for it….

Falkland Pound1982

I also have a £1 note from 15th June 1982 (Argentina surrendered on the 14th).

The starting bid on this £10 note is over $1000!! (Mine is not in as good condition)