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Life Skillz

Here’s a cool list of essential Life Skillz from Easily Distracted.

  • The insides and workings of a computer, and how to replace and add components to one.
  • How an operating system works. How to customize an operating system. File systems.
  • How Internet works. How to set up a router. Internet safety and virus protection. Online commerce.
  • How to operate important software applications: word processor, spreadsheet, image management, presentation software.
  • Best practices for searching for information online.
  • The basics of investment and personal finance.
  • How to file tax returns. How to read a paycheck.
  • Basics of how to start and manage a small business.
  • Price comparisons and management of monthly budgets.
  • Cover letters and resumes.
  • Basic first aid. Proper use of medicine. Common illnesses. When to call for expert medical assistance.
  • Basic cooking.
  • Basic evaluation of food quality in markets. Food safety, especially cross-contamination.
  • How to drive, including stick-shift. Basic auto maintenance.
  • How to read a map. Knowledge of mass transit systems.
  • Basic power and non-power tool operation. Safety training in tool use.
  • Care of plants. How to plant, including use of shovel and other garden implements.
  • How to paint interiors.
  • Basics of home mechanical and electric systems.
  • Basics of carpentry.
  • Basic self-defense, including watching for trouble signs from other people.
  • How to swim.
  • How to ride a bicycle.
  • Dealing with poisons, hazardous chemicals, insect bites, common irritants.
  • Sewing and clothing repair.
  • Legal rights, small claims courts, basic familiarity with civil and criminal provisions.
  • Condom use, safe sex, reproductive health.
  • Simple diagnostics and repair of appliances.
  • Cleaning of home environments, clothing.
  • Reuse and repurposing of household items.

It’s an odd list. I think you could get rid of about half of these if you learn this skill:

  • Outsourcing. Figuring out the stuff that you don’t need to learn because someone else will do it for you.