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The future of the Republican Party


I finally watched both Obama’s speech and Jindal’s rebuttal. Obama was magnificent – it has been a while since I said that – but what was more striking was how stupendously bad Jindal was.

I have been reading the commentary about Jindal’s speech on the conservative blogs all week and everyone agrees how bad it was – but so many of them focussed on his delivery and noted that he has 3 years to work on that before the 1012 election.

But it wasn’t the delivery that was bad – though God knows that was awful – it was the content. The content was just dismal. It was a curious mixture of non-sequiturs (Jon Stewart noted the incongruity of following a complaint about the crap government response to Katrina with a complaint about money to understand volcanos) and outright dishonest sleight of hand. And WTF was that about with the sheriff and the boats?

The Dems astounded me for 7 years with their crapness. I think the Pubbies are on course to outdo them.

Even David Brooks thinks so: