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No Moochers Here


I think the Randians are writing fake letters to the New York Times to pretend that the crazy moochers from Atlas Shrugged  really exist:

Thomas L. Friedman wants to “double the salaries of all highly qualified math and science teachers” to encourage more people to become teachers and help make the United States more innovative.

But without highly qualified language arts teachers to teach students to read and comprehend increasingly complex material and how to communicate it clearly to others (and, preferably, in more than just the English language), and without highly qualified social studies teachers to teach students about the global economy and the diverse societies around the world with whom we must interact, knowledge of math, science and technology in and of themselves will not increase American competitiveness.

To accomplish that, the salaries of all teachers should be raised, since all subjects are equally vital in stimulating students’ minds. Susan L. Schwartz

Haverhill, Mass., Jan. 11, 2009

As someone who is not opposed to the idea of merit pay, I would suggest that exemplary math and science teachers be rewarded for their work. But to pay people differently based on their title or perceived value at a given political moment, and not based on their work, effort or skill at teaching, is blatantly unfair. Lauren Friend Santa Cruz, Calif., Jan. 11, 2009

Luckily, these are fake people.