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Cultural Map of the World


4 responses to Cultural Map of the World

julio January 8, 2009

we know we have a winner when portugal is in latin america and uruguay is in europe.

Kevin January 8, 2009

I know. I was gonna comment on Ireland not being in Catholic Europe but I figured I’d let people figure it out for themselves.

Kevin January 9, 2009

Think it would’ve worked better if they’d used overlapping (Venn-like) sets instead of trying so hard to force everything into a single scheme.

If you read the decoder-ring (click on the map) it says that

Societies near the traditional pole emphasize the importance of parent-child ties and deference to authority, along with absolute standards and traditional family values

How does that square with Japan at the top?

Still. I applaud the idea and Sweden does seem attractive (they should’ve colour-coded for temperature too). What does this map say about the idea that social-democracy is a step towards tyranny?

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