I Love Cables

Our 10yr old TV blew up a couple of weeks ago and we had to bring forward the whole HD purchasing decision.

I sent the missus out to buy an HDMI cable at Best Buy and she came back with a $50 cable. FIFTY DOLLARS!

CNet had told me not to spend more than $10 on a cable and that the ones online were perfectly adequate so a quick search on The Google took me to Monoprice where I got 3 cables for $10 (for future expansion).

Then I remembered that we still had the Wii going through composite video so I got a component video cable for that.

Oh – and my TV has a PC input so I finally found a use for the laptop with the broken monitor. Gonna need a cable though. And how about a wireless keyboard and mouse?

We got back from our trip to Hollywood to find 3 little packages from Monoprice and now our living room is wired for 21st century living. I’ll never need to get off the couch ever again.

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