I Love Cables

Our 10yr old TV blew up a couple of weeks ago and we had to bring forward the whole HD purchasing decision.

I sent the missus out to buy an HDMI cable at Best Buy and she came back with a $50 cable. FIFTY DOLLARS!

CNet had told me not to spend more than $10 on a cable and that the ones online were perfectly adequate so a quick search on The Google took me to Monoprice where I got 3 cables for $10 (for future expansion).

Then I remembered that we still had the Wii going through composite video so I got a component video cable for that.

Oh – and my TV has a PC input so I finally found a use for the laptop with the broken monitor. Gonna need a cable though. And how about a wireless keyboard and mouse?

We got back from our trip to Hollywood to find 3 little packages from Monoprice and now our living room is wired for 21st century living. I’ll never need to get off the couch ever again.

I need a hero!

I finally succumbed and got Guitar Hero yesterday.

 I was worried that it would cut into Dylan’s (already tiny) desire to practice his real guitar. But when his friend came over, and they only had one Guitar Hero Les Paul Controller, Dylan graciously let his friend have it and grabbed his real guitar. So his repertoire now includes Paint It Black and School’s Out!.

Oh. And Guitar Hero is the first WII game that I have actually enjoyed playing…at least until Rock Band comes out.

And it was kinda cool seeing my son go down to Georgia to get himself a shining fiddle made of gold.

Who is the target audience ?

Aaron is complaining that Nintendo has renamed their forthcoming Revolution to Wii (pronouced “we”). All my game playing buddies are bewailing the same thing.

I asked my son and all his 5th grade buddies and they said :

  • “weeeee!”
  • “Coool!”
  • “Cowabunga”
  • “Can we get one the first day it comes out ?”

Guess which market Nintendo is selling to ?

I keep telling Dylan that as soon as he gets to middle school, he’ll start growing hair under his arms, liking girls and wanting an XBox 360.