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Jim Lehrer for President!

I just watched two deeply impressive men who finally lived up my hope for a respectable campaign. This is the first time since I arrived on these shores that I have seen a political debate worthy of the name. After the farce of the primary debates and the sham debates of four years ago, I found this quite refreshing. If it weren’t for all the crazy people lurking behind McCain I would be delighted with either man as President.

As an unashamed elitist, I am glad that they spoke intelligently and seemed to pitching at people who understood the issues rather than the people who feel that the president should be an average mum. But this same elitist has no idea what effect the debate had on people who aren’t familiar with affairs of state.

If you buy into the narrative that Obama just had to appear as a credible commander in chief, he did the job despite McCain’s weak attempts to pin the label of inexperience on him.

Well done both men – but most of all, well done Jim Lehrer! Not once did he ask ‘How would you help me as a black woman?’ nor ‘you are not wearing a lapel pin. why do you hate america?’.