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Jim Lehrer for President!

I just watched two deeply impressive men who finally lived up my hope for a respectable campaign. This is the first time since I arrived on these shores that I have seen a political debate worthy of the name. After the farce of the primary debates and the sham debates of four years ago, I found this quite refreshing. If it weren’t for all the crazy people lurking behind McCain I would be delighted with either man as President.

As an unashamed elitist, I am glad that they spoke intelligently and seemed to pitching at people who understood the issues rather than the people who feel that the president should be an average mum. But this same elitist has no idea what effect the debate had on people who aren’t familiar with affairs of state.

If you buy into the narrative that Obama just had to appear as a credible commander in chief, he did the job despite McCain’s weak attempts to pin the label of inexperience on him.

Well done both men – but most of all, well done Jim Lehrer! Not once did he ask ‘How would you help me as a black woman?’ nor ‘you are not wearing a lapel pin. why do you hate america?’.


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Kevin September 26, 2008

I meant to add – but forgot – that I expect all the hyperpartisans will think that their candidate did best. A quick scan of the blogs suggest that I would have been right had I said that.

Matt September 27, 2008

I thought:

After the 1st 30 seconds, it was clear that they were both obviously in a different league than Palin (and after a minute, W, Gore, Hillary, etc.)

Mac did a good job relentlessly pitching his strength

O did a good job saying “that’s not true” a bunch of times, which helped spank the McCain campaign’s recent tactics.

Mac did a pretty good job keeping his cool, but O won more style/grace points (though I hate to say that his “I agree with Senator McCain” started to sound like “ya, sign me up for what he said too!”, undermining him a bit).

Neither said anything dumb, except maybe “define rich”.

Mac was not the narrow speaking point sound bite focused freak he has been most recently, but fell short of the idealized warm, funny, no-BS guy he once was too. O seemed like O (which was probably a goal, maybe all he had to do)

I thought that Mac could have called him once or twice on non-answers with something like “he ASKED what you’d CUT, it’s easy to trot out a laundry list of great sounding ways to spend money, that doesn’t take much leadership”. Of course the odds of me coming up with that rebuttal from the podium in realtime approach zero.

I seem to recall O let him get away with rebutting his main attack about “you’re more W”. Should have re-rebutted. Perhaps you can’t re-rebut from the High Road.

More hazy is a memory of them both landing at least one really solid blow, but the hour, and my multitasking while watching prevents me from remembering.

Seemed like the campaign of the last month in a microcosm, Mac with haymakers, O with poise. I think until the election we’ll see O continue to remain relatively quiet, giving Mac enough rope to potentially hang himself.

I secretly hoped for a civil conversation, and was only a little disappointed. Leher did tease me a bit about how he shared the desire for direct discussion (beyond thrust/parry). I guess vying for leader of the most powerful nation in the known universe is supposed to be serious.

O clearly alienated non-elites with his native-sounding high-falutin’ pronunciation of Paahkistahhn 🙂

Mac mispronounced Ahmadinejad a coupla times, like any Real American would. (Yes, I looked up the spelling).

Kevin September 27, 2008

It’s amazing reading all the partisan blogs. It’s like they all used the same template “ clear one. he looked presidential and landed blow after blow. sucked. he didn’t look presidential at all.

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