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Don’t sigh!

BTW I woke with a start during the night realizing that I missed a bit in my write up of the debate. I would be delighted with either man as president except for the fact that I disagree with 60% of McCain’s policies.

That’s a good thing though. They actually debated policies instead of making fun of the other candidate’s leisure habits, salad preferences or collection of mariachi figurines.

But no doubt The American People will have noticed that one candidate touched his nose four times and, in their wisdom, will decide that, we can’t have Presidents Who Touch Their Nose Four Times In Debates and the other candidate will win in a landslide. Or maybe one candidate used a word which means ‘I hate gerbils’ in Swahili and the race will be decided by gerbil-fanciers picketing on election day.

I am impressed with the candidates but the electorate have yet to demonstrate that they are competent to choose leaders.


3 responses to Don’t sigh!

Jeffrey Fredrick September 27, 2008

Well, except for the fact that these are the two candidates, chosen by said electorate, right?

Kevin September 27, 2008

Even a stopped clock …blah blah…etc

Bob September 28, 2008

Yes, it is refreshing to hear two people actually debate issues to some degree as opposed to the last eight years blather of “I believe in Amurika. 911. Amurika good. heh heh heh”

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