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Flawless Campaign

What’s clear is that the results of the vice presidential experiment are already in. Palin, the “regular citizen,” is running a flawless campaign. Biden, the man of “prudence” and “experience,” is making a fool of himself two or three times a week.


I expect that this is before he watched the Couric interview.

One of his commenters makes a nice observation, pulling separate quotes from the article.

“As far as I am aware, she has committed not a single gaffe.”

” ‘A gaffe,’ as Michael Kinsley once noted, ‘is when a politician tells the truth.’ “

UPDATE: In a gaffe of my own, I screwed up the link. It was in Forbes. Not WSJ.

UPDATE2: He had not seen the interview. In a post at NRO, the author – quoting a reader – said:

I desperately want Sarah Palin to continue to be an asset to the ticket.  Having said that, I don’t see how you can possibly publish the statement ” In just under a week, she had mastered the interview format” with a date of September 26th.   Did you not see the Couric interview?    I would suggest that she has not only not mastered the format but is, in fact, regressing.

No, to be honest, I didn’t see the Couric interview—I had to file the column before the interview aired.  Do the emails in my inbox make me eager to watch the interview on YouTube?  No they do not.