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New Coach

Things are moving along with the plan to bring the earthquakes back. In addition to the council meeting on Tuesday to (hopefully) approve the new stadium plans, the Quakes have hired a head coach.

As we mentioned, there’s also something else that will be happening on Tuesday. The San Jose Earthquakes will be holding a press conference to announce the hiring of a new head coach, and we have the inside scoop. So, in addition to coming out to support the stadium effort on Tuesday night, you’ll also be able to join your fellow Quakes fans in person to celebrate the hiring of Frank Yallop, a man who already owns two championship rings with the name “San Jose Earthquakes” on them.


By the way, I have reserved the right to purchase 12 seasons tickets when they go on sale (any day now).

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pool of tickets, 2 per family, that we could share?  6 of my reservations are already reserved. Let me know if you want one.