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Who was Uncle Muncher?

I vaguely remember that my first hamster, Uncle Muncher, was named after a cartoon character but I didn’t remember anything more than that until…

…through the magic of Google:

BOBO BUNNY (early ’70s)

Surreal fare for the under eights. Bobo of the title was a blue rabbit, who lived with his family of assorted brightly coloured and bizarrely named rabbits, like cousin Read-to-me and Aunty Shut-that-door. Our favourite was Uncle Muncher who was orange, and ate everything in sight (“Oh no, Uncle Muncher has eaten the front door.”). Other stories in the comic were Pinkie Puff the Magic Elephant, and ‘We All Live in a Big Yellow Caravan’, in which around 30 people lived in a caravan that was both big and yellow.