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Breaking the Spell

I just got Dennett’s Breaking the Spell from the library.

From the introduction:

Those who are religious and believe religion to be the best hope of humankind cannot reasonably expect those of us who are skeptical to refrain from expressing our doubts if they themselves are unwilling to put their convictions under the microscope. If they are right  – especially if they are obviously right, on further reflection – we skeptics will not only concede this but enthusiastically join the cause. We want what they (mostly) say they want: a world at peace, with as little suffering as we can manage, with freedom and justice and well-being and meaning for all. If the case for their path cannot be made, this is something that they themselves should want to know. It is as simple as that. They claim the moral high ground: maybe they deserve it and maybe they don’t. Let’s find out.

Sounds promising.