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The Professor and the Bishop

Do yourself a favour.

Find yourself a quiet 30 minutes where you won’t be interrupted and watch this discussion between the Bishop of Oxford and Richard Dawkins.

It will be the best the thing you have watched this year.


2 responses to The Professor and the Bishop

Bob April 28, 2007

Very good. Richard was also quite well-behaved in the face of some of the same inconsistencies I seem to recall him going after in other videos. That memory might be skewed though.

Kevin April 29, 2007

I’d guess he wanted it to be about the Bish’s beliefs rather than his own – which is what might have happened if he had relentlessly chased down every little hole in the Bish’s arguments.

That in itself is a rare and beautiful thing.

I didn’t see too many inconsistencies in the Bish’s arguments though. I certainly saw places where his views differed from my own – but not inconsistencies. What’s an example?

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