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I was reading the comments on that Matthew Parris essay in The Times (better than you might think), when I came across this one

Apparently, Matthew, your ‘fascination’ with Christianity does not stretch to exploring, discussing or even considering the historicity of its core event – the resurrection from the dead of a corpse. If this happened, it warrants the teaching of the greatest man who ever lived, and you simply can’t then dismiss him or what he said as irrelevant. If not, then I agree that the whole thing is a sham.

So weigh the evidence. At least it might give you some cause for respect for people like CS Lewis and countless scientists the world over who find, like me, that Christianity and science gel because they are two views of reality, the one from God’s standpoint, the other from ours.

David White, Northampton, UK

and it struck me that I have never heard a Christian put the question in such stark terms. Was there a resurrection, or wasn’t there?

It’s striking because it is the kind of question an atheist would ask.

Was there a resurrection or wasn’t there?

Striking and refreshing.