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London Marathon runners feel the heat in ‘brutal’ conditions

According to various news reports,

Sweltering heat made the London Marathon an even bigger test of endurance today as a record number of runners took part.

Runners reported “nightmare” conditions as ambulance staff said they dealt with a higher than usual number of patients.

The BBC reports that the unseasonably hot weather in England caused one death and thousands of heat-related maladies during the London Marathon.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who was running his eighth marathon, said the conditions were “extraordinary”.

He said: “It was like running in a desert today. I stopped to help one guy. It was quite bad. They were dropping like flies.”

There were a record number of casualties as

Temperatures hit just below 21C at midday, almost equalling the 1996 record, and rose slightly higher later in the day.

Are those people crazy? 21C ! That’s very nearly 70F !!

My wife tells me that she won’t ever let me play football in hot weather again but, fortunately, it never gets that hot in Morgan Hill.