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Feature Request for the WordPress People

Dear WordPress People,

I love WordPress. It’s marvellous, but there is one tiny thing you could do to make it even more marvellouser.

I get a ton of spam comments, 99% of the spam is on old posts where real people don’t comment any more. Ironically, I get most of the spam on a post about spam in my comments.

You have made it supremely easy to delete the spam. I can delete them one by one, or I can save them up and delete a week’s worth with just two pushes of the button.

When I moderate comments, WordPress gives me four options:

  • Approve
  • Spam
  • Delete
  • Defer

Just give me one more option and my life would be complete:

  • Close comments on this post

[Don’t forget to make this option available on the batch operations too]

That’s it.