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It’s like a whole other country

The contrast still fascinates me. Back in the old country a prominent, conservative (ex) politician can write an article in The Times expressing the opinion that

if our political leaders cite faith as their political guide, then how do we distinguish ourselves from the religious extremists who wreak havoc in our world? It may seem harmless to “do God” a little in an essentially moderate country like ours. But once you claim that He is judging you or telling you what to do, there is no logical defence against another who claims that his God is instructing him to blow up discotheques or fly planes into buildings. If one God sent the Americans into Iraq, why shouldn’t another insist that by every means it be defended against infidel attack?

and criticise the would-be prime minister for claiming to have “genuine religious conviction”.

I tell you, it’s like whole different country over there.