Modern Navy Cuisine

The comments in my previous post made me come over all nostalgic for Navy food.

  • Babies Heads
  • Train Smash
  • Shit on a Raft
  • Niggers in the Snow
  • Chinky Wedding Cake
  • Cheesey-Hammy-Eggy
  • Nicki Lauda cheese (smoked austrian)
  • Herrings in

All these and more I have ate. Never had elephants feet.

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7 thoughts on “Modern Navy Cuisine”

  1. Oh – of course there was spotted dog. I thought it was too obvious to include. Spotted Dog is quite common in England. It’s not even especially nautical.

  2. [fixed link to Rum Rations] the title of that thread is ‘scran’. Haven’t heard that word for a long time but I can’t remember if it is nautical.

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