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In Praise of Rigged Elections

Scott Adams makes an excellent case for why voting machines should be hackable;

Statistically speaking, any hacker who is skilled enough to rig the elections will also be smart enough to select politicians that believe in . . . oh, let’s say for example, science. Compare that to the current method where big money interests buy political ads that confuse snake-dancing simpletons until they vote for the guy who scares them the least. Then during the period between the election and the impending Rapture, that traditionally elected President will get busy protecting the lives of stem cells while finding creative ways to blow the living crap out of anything that has the audacity to grow up and turn brownish.


one response to In Praise of Rigged Elections

Matt October 31, 2006

If only altruistic hackers would work as hard as the army of well paid hackers on PAC payrolls.

Just moves the problem.

“Greetings, unknown hacker @, this is Vince, here at the RNC, I see you attempting to break in on port 44 on Diebold_232A32D. I’m authorized to offer you $31,231 to direct your efforts in support of candidate X, or instead cease and desist from your efforts, and go pick up the brand new miata waiting for you with Melanie at Peterson Mazda, which is 4.1 miles NE of your current location, have yourself a nice 48 hours with her and the car, then keep the car and forget about this election. FYI: Melanie Fitzpatrick (http://www.hot-chicks.org/melanie/_RNC/miata_back_seat.jpg)”

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