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Mighty Mouse

All the UI gurus say that a good user interface should make the user feel in control. This firefox extension, Mouse Gestures, makes me feel mighty! Swish! You go back. Swosh! You go forward. Slash! That stupid image is gone.

Once you get the hang of it, you can draw a big ‘S’ to view source or an ‘M’ to see the meta-data but don’t try to learn them all at once.

Start simple. Swish, swosh and slash. Be mighty too!


2 responses to Mighty Mouse

Jeffrey Fredrick August 25, 2006

The trackpad gestures have so far been my favorite part of switching to a Mac, a point that was really driven home when I tried to use a new one that had them disabled (the default). Fantabulous!

Kevin August 25, 2006

The worst thing about Mouse Gestures is that they don’t work in other apps (like IntelliJ and Eclipse). I know because I keep doing them and they keep not working.

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