A Theory of Pee

I just got back from camping. During both nights I had to get up to pee. I NEVER have to get up to pee. Why do I have to get up to pee when it is least convenient, it’s dark, very cold and I am guaranteed to step on my wife while trying to climb back into the tent without a torch?

My theory is that it’s cold at camping so I sweat less and my normal intake of beer has to be eliminated through other channels.

Either that or I drink more beer when I am camping but that seems unlikely.

Could be a good science project. (hope I am not getting too cerebral for Richard)

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One thought on “A Theory of Pee”

  1. Post script.
    I have to get up to pee quite often now. It sucks. It’s probably chronic renal failure. No wife to step on up here though.

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