Who are you?

With everyone using RSS these days, web log statistics are now useless. I have no idea whether anyone is even reading this nonsense. The only sign of readership is the occasional comment – for which I am truly grateful. I tell myself that I am writing this stuff for me – and I don’t care if nobody else reads it – but the truth is I am a liar.

One potential solution to this conundrum is to make RSS deliver just a small teaser and force readers to come to my site to get the full bloggy goodness. I understand why that’s a good solution to for professional bloggers like Andrew Sullivan as they need the $$$ from advertising but, since Andrew changed his RSS feed a couple of weeks ago to send just an extract, I have only read about a third of his posts. Now Bob has started doing it (grrrr). I think that’s a fine way to lose readers.
My dilemma is this. Is it more important that people read my blog or that I know they are reading my blog?

I think I’ll just let my readers stay anonymous and hope that someone – probably Julio – will tell me that there is this great site that can track all your subscribers by nationality, OS and hair colour.

Meanwhile, is there anybody out there?

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7 thoughts on “Who are you?”

  1. don’t you get to see a traffic report to your website? doesn’t the feed url get reported in that? only real trouble with that is you don’t know how many people are behind aggregators.

    and odd that you posted this because I _just_ went to Jason Yip’s site (http://jchyip.blogspot.com/) and saw that it reports he has 128 subscribers via feedburner.

  2. Mea Culpa! I used excerpts in the rss so as to keep it small. I didn’t realize that it was causing consternation. I guess I never read my own blog via my news reader. I’ll type into the main body textarea in the future.

    Oh, I read your blog and I vote!

  3. OK. So, if you don’t explicitly create an excerpt, which I wasn’t. Then MovableType automatically creates one of a specified length from the body. It was set to 40 words. D’oh. Now it is 1000 :-). Perhaps this weekend I will spend some more time looking at WordPress.

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