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Who are you?

With everyone using RSS these days, web log statistics are now useless. I have no idea whether anyone is even reading this nonsense. The only sign of readership is the occasional comment – for which I am truly grateful. I tell myself that I am writing this stuff for me – and I don’t care if nobody else reads it – but the truth is I am a liar.

One potential solution to this conundrum is to make RSS deliver just a small teaser and force readers to come to my site to get the full bloggy goodness. I understand why that’s a good solution to for professional bloggers like Andrew Sullivan as they need the $$$ from advertising but, since Andrew changed his RSS feed a couple of weeks ago to send just an extract, I have only read about a third of his posts. Now Bob has started doing it (grrrr). I think that’s a fine way to lose readers.

My dilemma is this. Is it more important that people read my blog or that I know they are reading my blog?

I think I’ll just let my readers stay anonymous and hope that someone – probably Julio – will tell me that there is this great site that can track all your subscribers by nationality, OS and hair colour.

Meanwhile, is there anybody out there?