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Moderate Majority?

In my RSS feed this morning, I have three blog entries from otherwise normal-seeming people who suggest that maybe it’s somewhat unusual to invade foreign countries without a really good reason. There was mine, of course, and Ron’s – it was Ron who gave me the courage to blog about a dream – and Scott’s (I was going to blog about what big balls Condi Rice has after seeing her on Meet the Press, but Scott has that covered). The other two were a little more subtle than mine – but, then, I am an extreme moderate.

Such a happenstance reminds me of that September morning a few years back when I really, really wanted to do something but there was nothing I could do. I had a brain flash. I found the huge Stars and Stripes in the back of the cupboard and went to hang it outside. I felt just like that dude in the Tony Orlando song when, on his way home from prison, the whole damn bus is cheering because there are a hundred yellow ribbons.

Maybe I am not the only moderate?