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And your mother’s maiden name too

Dear Internet,

I am not sure whose idea it was to make me choose impossible to remember passwords making it inevitable that I will forget them – but it was a silly idea.

But not nearly as silly as letting me recover my password using my mother’s maiden name and my place of birth both of which pieces of information are readily available online. Even if they weren’t, I gave the same super-secret pieces of information to every single web site on the internet. Oh! And my first pet and my favourite movie.

Let me give you a hint: THOSE AREN”T SECRET

Luckily for me, when you ask me your silly questions, I type random crap into the answers.

Ha! You can’t fool me!


R. Clown


one response to And your mother’s maiden name too

Stuart Thompson August 10, 2009

I completely agree. I’ve been begging my friends and family to create fake persona for years to avoid having to answer these questions and a) give away their immutable data, b) provide inanely simple ways of accessing their accounts.

U.S. Bank recently “upgraded” their systems to require a security question/answer upon every login, supposedly making their site more secure. I don’t know why people think asking their user’s for immutable, publicly available data is a good idea.

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