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I Don’t Believe You

Professor Fish, and the book by Terry Eagleton which he is reviewing, claims that Christians don’t believe what their most vocal critics say they believe.

When Christopher Hitchens declares that given the emergence of “the telescope and the microscope” religion “no longer offers an explanation of anything important,” Eagleton replies, “But Christianity was never meant to be an explanation of anything in the first place. It’s rather like saying that thanks to the electric toaster we can forget about Chekhov.”

Is it really true that Christianity was never meant to be an explanation of anything? A great deal of recent apologetics in response to atheist criticism has taken the form those atheists are missing the point. No true Christian believes in <idea>. Where <idea> is, variously,

  • a personal God
  • a God who intervenes in the world
  • biblical claims about actual events and truths about the world

I suspect that if Eagleton were correct and Christians have stopped believing what the bible says, there would be less calls for atheists to assert themselves.

But I suspect that Eagleton is wrong and, outside a handful of Christians in academia, the vast majority believe in exactly those things.

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one response to I Don’t Believe You

Captain Groggy Swagger May 8, 2009

Maybe it was a more relaxed scene and business before certain world events made people scrutinize it more. Evolution and the FSM, gay marriage, 9/11, child molesting priests, etc… On top of that, it is becoming more acceptable to be outwardly atheist. As a reaction to this, the churches I think are moving themselves further from the center line as a means of dis-association. No longer can you just go to church and everyone assumes you are spiritual and that is enough, now it is about *how* spiritual you are. How much will you fight for your religion politically? How many of your friends and family will you pressure to fight for your side?

Maybe when you hear over and over that there is no redeeming quality in this belief system, you must further blind yourself to retain your faith.

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