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It’s taking longer than we thought

About ten years ago, I was very taken with The Straight Dope, and every now and then – and against my better judgment – I go back and read it for old times’ sake.

The same things about the style of debate there that used to enchant me still enchant me – where else can you read well-argued positions both for and and against Objectivism, Free Will, Thomas Aquinas and why we should cut off the baby boomers?- and the things that frustrated me still frustrate the hell out of me.

My frustration this time revolves around how many atheists say that no amount of evidence would persuade them of the existence of God. Me? I’d be persuaded by even the slightest evidence.

On the enchanting side of the ledger, this thread about 25 reasons to not believe in God brings out the best in some Christian apologists.

Cecil himself is, of course, the master:

Also, do animals ever do it for fun?

As for your second question, we must point out that, scientifically speaking, animals always do it for fun. The only critters who do it because they have to are Catholics. Take it from your Unca Cecil.