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What Language?

Anyone know what language this is?

Kiri, mille Francis Crick saatis Winston Churchill’ile. Crick oli bioloog/füüsik Churchilli Kolledžis, mis oli spetsiaalselt loodud eriliselt teaduskeskseks õppeasutuseks. Kui kolledžisse ehitati kristlik kabel, otsustas Crick lahkuda. Churchill ei mõistnud teda ja põhjendas, et kogu vajalik rahasumma annetati väljaspoolt kolledžit spetsiaalselt kabeli jaoks.

They have a cool scan of the letter that Francis Crick wrote to Winston Churchill to protest the funding of a new chapel at Churchill’s supposedly secular college at Cambridge. After Crick resigned, Churchill sent Crick a letter asking him to reconsider and suggested that no-one need visit the chapel if they did not want to. Crick responded with an offer to build a brothel that no-one need attend if they did not want to.

Full story here.

My guesses – finnish or hungarian – were wrong.

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Rob November 5, 2008


marek November 5, 2008


Yeah, that is my blog and it is indeed estonian. I’m doing MPhil at Churchill college and took the photo in the archives centre. Unfortunately with my phone so the quality is below average…


Kevin November 5, 2008

Thanks Marek!

Is Estonian related to Finnish? It has a lot of the same double vowels.

marek November 5, 2008

Yes, they are very closely related. Finnish is the most similar language to Estonian. So a very good guess! 🙂

Tom November 5, 2008

FYI: Google Translate has a “Detect Language” option which replied:

We are not yet able to translate from Estonian into English.


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