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Make a better mousetrap

Won’t be long now. Simon will be so fat after eating all the cheese and bread and peanuts I left him that he’ll fall straight into that bucket!

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7 responses to Make a better mousetrap

Rob April 17, 2008

Oh man, he’ll be able to jump right out of that bucket.

Rose April 17, 2008

Theylove p-nut butter and apples!
Thats how we hve caught all of ours 😉
Take care

Georgina Lawrence April 17, 2008

That mouse is eating better than we are!!

Kevin May 18, 2008

Update: last time I did my laundry, the basket was filled with sunflower seeds so I set the trap again.

This morning all the bait was gone and the trap was spring but Simon made a clean getaway.

Kevin May 19, 2008

Bait gone again. He’s sneaky. (or a good jumper)

Jeffrey Fredrick May 20, 2008

But I’m sure he’s enjoying the playground you’ve created for him.

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