What’s that crawling up my leg?

You ever have that sensation where you feel like something is crawling up your leg?

It’s funny the stages you go through:

  • There is obviously nothing crawling up my leg so it would be silly to look.
  • There is something crawling up my leg but I am too scared to look.
  • But that’s what I thought last time and, when I looked, I felt silly.

I finally looked. And there was something. He was just sitting on my foot looking back at me.

He got down when I went to get my camera.

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Ragged Clown

It's just a shadow you are seeing that he's chasing.

8 thoughts on “What’s that crawling up my leg?”

  1. I tried to catch him in a jar. I almost got him but he hid under my nightstand.

    He came out again later but when I got up he ran in the closet.

    I’ll catch him – one way or another!

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