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Some more heroes

I think I blogged before about how I am going to have a wall of heroes ifnwhen I get my own study ifnwhen we get our nice house.

I started planning this about twenty years ago. I am gonna have a B&W portrait of each of my heroes. G started me off on my collection a while back, but Albert is still rolled up in a tube. I’ll get the rest someday. Now that I can draw, I might even do them myself.

Paul Graham just wrote an essay about his heroes and his criteria are earily similar to mine

This is a list of people who’ve influenced me, not people who would have if I understood their work.

His list has no overlap with my list though but it’s still a good list.


2 responses to Some more heroes

Matt April 7, 2008

Your post would have been more satisfying if it contained your list, but perhaps you needn’t optimize for instant-gratification-addicted-nuance-eschewing types. Even though they make up a large % of US population, I’d venture to say your audience has a different demographic.

I think we’ve evolved smaller stacks to repurpose wetware in favor of higher information processing throughput.

In any case, I look forward to seeing your walls in the years ahead.

Kevin Lawrence April 7, 2008

I think it would be very unsatisfying (and trivializing to my heroes) to throw up a naked list with no commentary.

Ideally we would gaze up at my study wall, snifter of brandy in had, and discuss the merits and, in the case of my particular heroes, the shortcomings of each with languorous deliberation.

I might consider a series of blogs with a short bio for each hero but that would not involve nearly as much brandy.

[the edit box is even whiter on my monitor at work and the yellow is a touch too bright :-(]

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