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Posts and Categories

Now that wordpress has good support for tags and a decent tag cloud widget, I can’t figure out what the point of categories is.

I googled and everyone is very adamant that they are different things in a “no, no, no you don’t understand categories are hierarchical but tags are not” kind of way. But I don’t get it.

I am just about to delete all my categories and convert them to tags. Any reason why I wouldn’t?


4 responses to Posts and Categories

Matt April 6, 2008

Do you mean topics?

Can an item have multiple tags? categories? topics? Do you ever plan to nest them into hierarchies?

Kevin April 6, 2008

They are officially categories but I had changed the title to topics. Anyway. They are gone now.

Categories seem more controlling. Tags enable.

[does this edit box seem too white to you?]

Matt April 7, 2008

The edit box is fairly starkly white, but if that’s my heaviest cross to bear today, I’ll consider my choice to get out of bed this morning validated.

Anyway, implicit in your controlling / enable comment [ by virtue of the fact that this is the only reason you’ve cited and have removed them ] is a sentiment that controlling is bad, at least in this context.

I’d argue that when you have lots of information to navigate, control can be helpful.

That said, most schemes I’ve seen for such control start off with lots of categories and sub-categories resulting from Careful Deliberation and the system quickly dies on the vine. It’s a lot of work to maintain, and offers modest incremental benefit over your flat tag regime.

Presumably you don’t mean to denigrate control in an absolute sense, but as the owner and the person who’d be burdened with the tedium of classification, you see the cost/benefit from one perspective, while Fans Like Me see a modest incremental benefit as 100% goodness.

Not sure what you mean about just tags enabling, tho. I inferred you mean that categories that they do in a way that categories don’t. They both enable people to find info, but you probably meant something else.

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