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Merry Chri$tmas!

Now that we have embraced Ceremonial Deism, our spiritual lives have improved 9-fold. Christmas was especially good this year.

We don’t usually bother much with prezzies apart from a little something for the kids but this year we decided to honour our fake religion with a splurge.

I finally got the guitar that I have wanted for ages – but I had to promise to get lessons before I was allowed to get it. The kids finally got their Wii.

Georgina got a camera with a zoom long enough to take pictures of corners but she was outdone in the photo department by Jazz who took several thousand photos with her new camera.

The best bit was when each of us, one by one, went into a minor panic on Christmas Eve because we each thought (falsely) we weren’t gonna get what we wanted. Dylan wanted to drive around looking for Wiis, Jazz was crying because she wasn’t going to get a camera and I was upset because my kids had not delivered the multiple hints  that I had given about The Golden Compass books. I think every single present wass wished for late on Christmas Eve after it was too late to do anything about it.

With all this commercialism and phony belief in God, I feel that we are finally living the American Dream!