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Come Join Us at Dreamhost

If you have ever wished that you had your own web site hosted by the same people who host www.raggedclown.com, I have a special offer just for you…

RewardsFirst a few words about DreamHost and how I chose them.

  1. Every previous web hosting service that I have ever used ended up being bought by Verio who got bought by NTT who decided that my hosting service would be so much better (for them) if they made it suck. So far, that hasn’t happened to Dreamhost. For me, the primary requirement for a web hosting company is that it not get bought by Verio. Verio sucks.
  2. It doesn’t cost too much. My account costs me something like $100 per year which gives me (essentially) unlimited email, domains, sub-domains, POP accounts and so much bandwidth and disk space that I have never even bothered to find out how much. There are no additional costs for hosting additional domains (the registration fee for new domains is, like, $20 or something).
  3. They have good support. So far I have had only one problem and they fixed it within about 3 seconds of me noticing it. I had some questions when I first opened my account and they answered them immediately to my entire satisfaction (unlike Verio who have yet to answer my question from 1998).
  4. They have a ton of software to play with. Here’s a smattering of what they offer:
    • WordPress
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Python
    • Subversion
    • A Jabber server
    • Media streaming (like QuickTime and RealAudio)
    • PERL
    • PHP
    • MYSQL
    • JOOMLA
    • Some shopping cart thingie
    • Some polling thingie
    • CRON
    • Shell access

    plus all the usual POP, IMAP, FTP, web mail and all that stuff – all set up with their fancy One-Click installer. You also have control over all the DNS configuration.

If all that weren’t enough to persuade you, Dream Host has this promotion scheme whereby you con your friends into getting an account and they give you a $97 referral fee which you use towards your own account fees or give to your friend as a discount or split in any proportion you may choose.

If you’d like to take advantage of all this goodness – and a $50 discount – go sign up now and tell’em “The Clown sent me”. Just click on the big banner on your right or the funnier one just down there and enter the promo code “CHASINGREWARDS50”.


Dreamhost. It doesn’t suck. It hasn’t been bought by Verio.