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Grendel’s Mother

I was scanning the reviews to see whether Beowulf was suitable for my children when I came across this one in the New York Times

You don’t even have to wait for the flying spears and airborne bodies that — if you watch the movie in one of the hundreds of theaters equipped with 3-D projection — will look as if they’re hurtling directly at your head. You could poke your eye out with one of those things! Which is precisely what I thought when I first saw Ms. Jolie’s jutting breasts too.

Sounds like my kind of movie! Who cares whether the kids like it? Are her breasts 3d projected too?

Jeff saw it last week and his analysis was that Jazz might be scared by an early monster scene (I think she was three when she first saw the snake thingie in Larry Spotter) and he wondered about her attitude to nudity (she’s in favour of it).

Still undecided …but we’ll definitely see The Golden Compass especially now that the Catholic League is organizing a boycott.


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Kevin December 18, 2007


I saw Beowulf with Dylan (and not Jazz). Ms. Jolie’s breasts were indeed 3D projected and they were magnificent. Movie was pretty good too.

I saw The Golden Compass with Dylan and Jazz. They really enjoyed it. I thought they tried to cram too much mythology into 2 hours. Every other line of dialogue was exposition. Looking forward to the books though.

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