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Effect this!

Affect or effect quiz?


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Question 1 affect affect Correct
Question 2 effects effects Correct
Question 3 effect effect Correct
Question 4 affect affect Correct
Question 5 affect affect Correct
Question 6 effect effect Correct
Question 7 affected affected Correct
Question 8 effect effect Correct
Question 9 affect affect Correct
Question 10 effect effect Correct
Question 11 effect effect Correct
Question 12 effect effect Correct
Question 13 affected affected Correct
Question 14 effect effect Correct
Question 15 affect affect Correct
Question 16 effect effect Correct

Hey! No looking at my answers before you take the quiz!

Why? you may ask. Because Jazz’s teacher was feeling insecure about whether she had chosen the correct spelling on her report card (she had). I wanted to explain the difference or suggest a litmus test, but I couldn’t. Which made me feel insecure. But now I don’t 🙂

Why now? you may also ask. Because I just came across the words trivalent and ditransitive and they reminded me of my conversation with Jazz’s teacher. Hey! Do the quiz before you read my hints! D’oh! Too late!

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3 responses to Effect this!

Captain Groggy Swagg December 4, 2007

Well, I got 13 out of 16. I don’t feel really bad about it though. Making word nazis twitch has its rewards.

Matt December 4, 2007

I got all but #12.

#12 marked incorrect, but the stated correct answer wasn’t in the drop down list (choices presented all ended in -ed). Or I’m having browser issues…

They do say “PLEASE NOTE: The answer numbers on this quiz do not correspond to the question numbers. Each drop-down answer has a separate number even if it belongs to a differently numbered question. Keep this in mind as you check your answers. We’re aware that it’s confusing and we’re going to switch to a new system. ”

Which may explain this, but my tired brain failed to parse what they’re saying after three tries.

My answer probably was wrong, as I’m not really familiar with that usage and was extrapolating of a similar though not identical usage

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