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A Second St George

My wife’s sister’s husband’s nephew has miraculously recovered from devastating liver failure.

Dr Dhawan, who is leading research into whether liver cell injections can replace transplants, said: “There was a 90 per cent plus chance that he wasn’t going to survive without a liver transplant. But he survived.

The only possible explanation for his survival is that

A glove that had touched the body of the priest was placed on the boy by his parents, both devout Catholics, as he lay in a critical condition in King’s College hospital nearly six years ago.

You can read all about it in The Daily Telegraph.

My wife’s family will be having dinner with the pope at Blessed George’s canonization celebrations.

The “miracle cure” has been declared genuine by the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI will canonise Blessed George in Rome in 11 days’ time.

Hey, Dorienne, be sure to tell il papa “grazzi hafna talli gejtu” from me!